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About Us   Founding Team
MyYiwuAgent.com provides the customers a new way to buy products from Yiwu more easily, more efficiently, and at lower prices. The customers can also buy from Yiwu directly online at home, without going to Yiwu.

How does MyYiwuAgent.com work?
No matter this is your first time to visit Yiwu, or you have been buying from Yiwu for many years, or you prefer to buying Yiwu products online at home, MyYiwuAgent.com is always your right partner to work with.
We can provide you with all the solutions from your Yiwu trip arrangement like airport pickup and hotel booking, to market guide and translation, to quality control, payments to suppliers, warehousing, shipment booking, and so on.
Besides all these, the most important service you can get from MyYiwuAgent.com is our website service with which you can mange your products and orders very easily and efficiently. With our website, your whole sourcing process will become simple and easy.As e-commerce is becoming popular at every corner of the world, we can also help you build your own website for free, and help you sell your products to your customers though internet.
Why is MyYiwuAgent.com different from any other sourcing agents in Yiwu?
With MyYiwuAgent.com, your purchase will become much easier than you work with other agents in Yiwu. With our advanced IT system, you can easily manage over 10,000 different products or more just by yourself, and track all your order information any time, without knowing any website technology.
MyYiwuAgent.com not only helps you to buy from Yiwu easily, and also helps you to sell to your customers easily. We can help you build your own website on which you can sell your products from Yiwu to your customers.
How can MyYiwuAgent.com help me build my own website?
As a customer of MyYiwuAgent.com, you can have your own website FOR FREE. We will help you do everything from products pictures, production information, to website design and coding etc. You can have your own website just within a few days and you can grow your business by selling your products online.  You can also customize your website design by paying the minimum cost to our IT engineers to have more website functions.
How can I become a member of MyYiwuAgent.com?
To become a member of MyYiwuAgent.com, you only need to send email to myyiwuagent@chinasku.com. After checking your qualification, we will send you client ID, with which you can login the website, check the product prices, and enjoy other services.
Can I buy directly from MyYiwuAgent.com without going to Yiwu?
One main purpose of MyYiwuAgent.com is to help our customers buy Yiwu products without traveling to China, which is very costly, tedious, and time consuming. MyYiwuAgent.com can offer you any products and any services which you can get from Yiwu, just like you are here by yourself, more easily and more efficiently.
How can I guarantee the quality of goods I receive when I buy from MyYiwuAgent.com?
Our quality standard is ZERO complaint from the customers. Our goal is to make you happy about ALL the products you receive, without any unpleasant surprise. We have professional quality control team to help you control the quality of your ordered products, and supervise every detail of your orders. We will inspect all your products at our warehouse when receiving the goods from suppliers. You can view all your inspection reports on www.MyYiwuAgent.com before container shipment. If there is any quality defect, we will help you find solutions before the shipment and minimize the quality risk.
Is my payment safe if I buy Yiwu products through MyYiwuAgent.com?
It is 100% safe for you to pay your Yiwu suppliers through MyYiwuAgent.com. You can avoid the troubles to pay many different suppliers in RMB by yourself and foreign exchange regulation by Chinese government. We will help you evaluate the credit of the suppliers and control the payment risks for you. Usually you pay us 20-30% deposit when you place orders to the suppliers and then the rest after we receive the goods from the suppliers and after all the products are inspected by our QC team. If any quality defects are found, the payment will not made to the suppliers until the solutions are agreed by you.
What is the MOQ of my order?
Most customers buy full containers from Yiwu. For each item, the MOQ usually is one carton (about US$50-100) if the stock is available from suppliers. In one 20’ container, we can load maximum 100 different items for you, or 200 different items in 40’ container.
How long can I receive the goods if I buy from MyYiwuAgent.com?
Usually it takes about 2 weeks for Yiwu suppliers to prepare your orders, one week for container to go trough Chinese Custom, and 2-6 weeks on ocean, depending on where your destination port is. So in total it is about 2-3 months after your orders are placed.
How much is the commission of MyYiwuAgent.com?
For commission inquiry, please send email to myyiwuagent@chinasku.com